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  Introduction to Amphitheater Classroom
  Equipment and layout

  The lecture theatre can accommodate about 128 students and is mainly used for classes and conferences. The devices contain a podium, audio-visual equipment, projector, double swivel screen, whiteboard, demonstration bed and patient, and video recording devices, mainly for major student demonstration of technical teaching courses, and other program teaching. The lecture theatre is also connected to the demonstration ward for direct teaching and practice.

  Curriculum Description (Course taught)
  1. Physical Examination and Assessment Laboratory:  Health Assessment has been designed to provide entry-level knowledge and psychomotor skills necessary for assessing the health status of clients. Students use the nursing process framework to elicit health histories and perform physical examinations in a systematic manner and to determine areas in which health promotion activities should be implemented or reinforced. Students will be introduced to a broad range of normal variations through supervised practice on peers in the laboratory setting. The skill laboratory which includes independent and supervised practice provides opportunities for students to develop entry-level competencies before proceeding to clinical settings for additional practice and refinement of psychomotor skills.

  2. Clinical Practice in Fundamental of Nursing:  Fundamental of Nursing forms the foundation of basic nursing skills and concept. This course provides a clear and illustration approach to the process of nursing concept and basic nursing techniques. This course includes the following topics of nursing care: physical and biological safety, administering medications, personal hygiene, skin integrity, thermo-regulation, mobility, rest and comfort, circulation, bowel and urinary elimination. Nursing students will learn the theory of skills and concept through nursing process and follow instructors’ demonstration and illustration, step by step, to learn the basic skills of nursing care. This course helps students integrate nursing philosophy, nursing process and nursing skills in clinical practice, and experience the various dimensions of nursing functions. Students are expected to develop teaching strategies and apply nursing care plans to taking care of different patients in a clinical setting.